Lipsy London retail store in South Africa

London based designer-inspired clothing retailer, Lipsy London, files and wins a lawsuit against counterfeiters, Lionel and Jacqueline Benhaim. Lipsy is a subsidiary of the Next group, which specializes in women’s clothing that is linked with such celebrities Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe Kardashian.

The two Essex locals were caught possessing and selling goods that donned the Lipsy trademark logo in southeast England markets. Having violated the Trademarks Act 1994, Lionel was fined £1,000 while Jacqueline was penalized with £200 in addition to £25 surcharges per person according to the TM Eye investigation agency. The company releases this statement about the case: “The conviction of Jacqueline and Lionel Benhaim sends a strong message that those who sell fake Lipsy goods, and offenders will be brought to justice in the criminal courts. Lipsy continues to target offenders.”

As Lipsy continues to face more and more offenders due to its high-performing sales (rising around 11% by the end of January 2014), it even faces cases of fake goods on websites like Amazon and eBay. To forewarn their loyal customers, Lipsy says that the safest and surest way to purchase a genuine Lipsy product is to purchase from their official online stores or locations.

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