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American business magnate Donald Trump has been defined as a shark in his investments and a common signature we hear in litigation news. One of his more acclaimed investments known by the fashion sphere is Trump Model Management, a modeling agency founded by the billionaire since ’99. Earlier last month, New York Model Management filed suit in the state Supreme Court against Trump Management for allegedly soliciting its models to switch boards.

Poaching models from another agency is not only brash, but it is a weighted accusation and a clear violation of one’s employment agreement. The booking agent caught in the middle of this mess is Lorraine Ospedales, as she breached her contact of the non-compete clause. She agreed in 2011 when she signed in to New York Models, stating she would not “attempt to solicit or take away” any clients – or provide confidential information about any of the firm’s models for a period of six months if she went to another agency. Ospedales has been accused of attempting to pilfer a number of New York Models‘ golden gals.

The suit alleges that when Ospedales joined Trump Management in March, she consistently urged models under contract with [New York Models] to breach their contracts to join Trump’s team with the assistance of the Trump team aiding her faulty actions. New York Models is suing for unspecified damages for breach of contract and other claims, including that Ospedales owes the firm $3,724.

Trump Organization EVP and general counsel Alan Garten shot back: “These allegations are completely baseless and without merit. The agent didn’t even have an enforceable agreement [with New York Models], and even if she had, we haven’t done anything to violate it.”

Below are the three models who Ospedales allegedly tried to zero in on: Christina Makowski, Vanusa Savaris, and Veronica Zoppolo.

New York Models’ Heinz Holba countering, “We will spare no expense to protect the integrity of the agency and its models from being poached.” His lawyer Robert Hantman added, “I’m surprised Trump Models would stoop to such a level.”

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