tay13(1)It isn’t news that Taylor Swift’s lucky number is 13. Even her Twitter handle ends with “13.” She even stated in an interview with MTV that “whenever a 13 comes up in my life, it’s a good thing.”

Celebrities with little superstitions can be endearing, but Taylor Swift’s lucky number 13 has reached its last streak. Orange County-based apparel company Lucky 13’s owner, Robert Kloetzly, is suing her for trademark infringement. The 24-year old songstress has been accused of using the Lucky 13 (est. 1991) trademark without authorization. The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday, May 20th claiming that her person represents too much of the Lucky 13 aesthetic. According to, the claims may have been targeted to her “I Knew You Were Trouble” music video which could have easily been “mistaken as an ad for Lucky 13 because it ‘depicts stylish, attractive, tattooed individuals in provocative situations.’”

The demographic that the two entities are gunning are very close as well which acts as a threat for the apparel company’s image by being mistakenly associated with the pop singer when they are not. As stated in the court documents, Kloetzly is demanding profits that Swift has made with their trademark aesthetic or damages to the company from that, and for her online store to be shut down.

References, E! News; Photo Reference Lucky 13 Lookbook

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