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Back in 2012, Rihanna (Robyn Rihanna Fenty) filed a breach of contract and negligence lawsuit against her former accountants claiming negligence in the managing of her personal cash flow and expenses in addition to unsuccessfully uncovering millions in unpaid royalties. Rihanna is now asking for unspecified damages from New York firm, Berdon LLP.

Furthermore, Rihanna places blame on these financial advisors for not dissuading her from purchasing a luxe home in California back in 2009, which according to Contact Music Rihanna claims, “a living hell.” And finally, as if there weren’t enough alleged charges already, the singer is charging these former accountants for failing to file her tax returns which resulted in an audit by the IRS.

The accused however, are not taking these charges lightly and are now firing back against the pop-diva with a list of things the singer did, that they claim, furthered her economic woes. The legal documents filed by the accused advisors from Berdon LLP in Manhattan Federal Court are the exact documents needed to toss the case out…they hope.

Will a judge find favor with the Barbadian bombshell or Berdon? Regardless, perhaps Rihanna needs a lesson or two in financial management, or perhaps just a better screening process for adept financial advisors.

Text reference and photo reference via Huffington Post

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