Fashion Law Re-Cap: YouTube Queen Michelle Phan VS. Ultra Records


If you ride the MTA in NYC or if you’re familiar with the YouTube community, Michelle Phan should be a name you’d easily recognize. Famed YouTube star and beauty entrepreneur, Phan was sued by Ultra Records with a mammoth copyright infringement lawsuit.

Michelle Phan built her heavy following of 6.9 million followers through beauty tutorials on YouTube. Phan soon rose to fame nation wide by embracing a L’Oreal deal and launching her own line; EM Cosmetics, which eventually led to her own monthly beauty subscription line, Ipsy.

Em by Michelle Phan 2

Ultra Records and Ultra International Music Publishing sued Phan last month in the U.S. District Court in the Central District of California for music infringement. Utra is ultimately suing Phan for illegal activity and blatant copyright infringement. In Phan’s defense, her usage of EDM artists: Kaskade, Deadmau5, and Calvin Harris, allowed Ultra to gain an international audience due to Phan. The label alleges Phan has been using their songs without a license, even after repeated warnings. Ultra plans to seek up to $150,000 in damages PER infringement; naming only 45 instances of infringement thus far in the suit, with more to follow.

Phan has remained quiet in the matter, allowing her lawyers to do the talking but we do remember Kaskade coming to her defense in twitter. Kaskade not only came to her defense but also thanked her for his success to an international audience. View image below:


Mashable also publicly announced that one of Phan’s representatives told them that she always had permission and that her legal team will be rebutting against the label. For the sake of opinion and a dear fan to Michelle Phan, her intents have always seem genuine towards other artists and brands.

View the lawsuit here: Ultra International Music Publishing Inc, LLC. and Ultra Records LLC. VS Michelle Phan

Photo courtesy via Michelle Phan


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