It has been confirmed that the former top-level executive of Louis Vuitton had jumped ship for Coach leaving with a merciless lawsuit from the very hands that fed her. Proven to have committed theft, Joon Ma, Louis Vuitton’s former VP of Canada and Bermuda, released sensitive company information and data when she left the brand in early April. In an attempt to transfer confidential LVNA information from the company’s database, Ma moved files to an external storage device and deleted the footprints of her larceny. Ma pooled the stolen data into two external drives and three USB drives – talk about hefty – considering database storages these days can retrieve massive amounts of data within one device. LVNA claims, most of such efforts were conducted during her final 24 hours of employment with the company.

Louis Vuitton Celebrates Fashion's Night OutThis validates Ma’s violation of the non-compete clause in her contract, where she must not accept work with an industry competitor of Louis Vuitton for half a year following her resignation. Aside from the personal sentiments of the brand and Ma, she was part of an elite group of LV executives who had access to confidential trade secrets, sensitive strategic, plans and information as the global business of the Louis Vuitton brand as a whole. Ma was part of a 21-member committee comprised of LVNA’s top senior employees.

(Former Louis Vuitton, senior executive; Joon Ma on the right.)

In the earliest round between Joon Ma and Louis Vuitton, Louis Vuitton was victorious, not to anyone’s surprise. The company is demanding Ma to return the confidential information, to not accept Coach’s position as it violated the non-compete clause with LVNA, as well as, half a million dollars in damages. Ma’s offer from Coach as their Senior Vice President in Global Customer Experience would have to wait.

Image reference via BFANYC

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