Balenciaga, the Parisian fashion house, has sued Steve Madden for allegedly violating trademark violations on the styling of their notorious ‘motorcycle bag’. This would be the Balenciaga Giant 12 Gold City Black Lambskin Bagretailing at $1,985 while Madden was selling theirs around a hundred.

SMBSteve Madden VS. Balenciaga

Madden was selling the nearly identical bag for a notably lower price than the French brand; such a deception can not only confuse customers yet create a false impression, in spite of the price difference. Trademark infringement occurs persistently around the clock within the fashion sphere. Balenciaga was livid; it would not only jeopardize the brand’s goodwill and sales but most importantly their luxury reputation. The lawsuit seeks a halt to the alleged infringing sales and a retrieval of lost profits.

This is not the pair’s first lawsuit together however. Do you remember when Balenciaga filed a lawsuit against Madden for allegedly copying the label’s multicolor Lego heels from their fall 07’ collection? The Cut: Balenciaga VS Steve Madden Lawsuit. The Suit was filed back in December 2009, which focused around the Lego shoe – a multi-colored buckled sandal – a suit followed faithfully after Alexander McQueen accused of Madden for imitating its Faithful bootie. The case between Balenciaga and Madden was quietly settled in October 2011, with much of the details hushed.

Steve Madden should take a hint by now or else the brand will be facing further lawsuits from other luxury retailers alongside their current declining sales.

This case is Balenciaga v. Steven Madden Ltd et al, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, No. 14-03627.

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