Rebecca Matchett + Alice & Olivia's SS14 Campaign

Rebecca Matchett + Alice & Olivia’s SS14 Campaign

Former co-founder, Rebecca Matchett of New York-based contemporary clothing brand, Alice & Olivia is being sued by a previous business associate, Jessica Stark. Alice & Olivia was originally founded by two University of Pennsylvania alumnae, Stacey Bendet and Rebecca Matchett. Matchett stepped down from the management role due to a feud with Bendet shortly after. The global brand launched in Barney’s on 2002, showcasing a line of lean silhouettes and body-conscious designs to create illusions of slender bodies for woman; however, even with this company’s unmistakable success, Jessica Stack is suing Matchett for $10 million dollars and claiming she wasn’t paid for the work she did to resuscitate another fashion company that Matchett was involved with during its failing stage.

Papers were filed in New York Supreme Court divulging the information that Matchett had Stark and her husband Christopher put $3.5 million dollars into a custom clothing company TrioFit, which Matchett launched 2008. As the company was collapsing, Matchett was able to find investors through her connections for she was previously the vice president of global marketing for jewelry label, Judith Ripka. The investors were able to assist her in rebranding TrioFit; Matchett reportedly offered Stark a cut of the profits and a 49% stake in TrioFit. According to the suit, deliberations and negotiations fell apart and Stark was not paid for her services in the end.

Matchett has quite the fiery-ex on her back, how will she proceed?

Stay tuned!

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