Fashion retailer, Aéropostale, often frequented by teens during after school shopping trips at the mall, has filed a lawsuit against Swedish retailer H&M claiming the trendy fashion powerhouse illegally used its trademarked phrase “Live Love Dream” on select merchandise.

Aéropostale asserted that a previous complaint about unlawful use of its trademarked phrase was filed this past March against H&M. Disregarding the complaint, H&M failed to pull the merchandise displaying the phrase “Live Love Dream” ultimately provoking Aéropostale to take the issue to Manhattan federal court.

Why would such a small fashion vendor such as Aéropostale take on such a big-wig like H&M? As noted by CNBC, Fordam Law professor Susan Scafidi claimed that Aéropostale filed the suit for two reasons: “to show that it [Aéropostale] is not a soft target, and because the two retailers target the same type of customer.”

Even though both retailers offer similar styles comparative to the current fashion trends catered to teens and young adults, H&M came out yet again on top delivering trendier, more affordable clothing options over its competitor.

H&M did not respond to a request for comment.

News reference via CNBC and North Dallas Gazette + photo reference via Crains New York

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